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Tawa Curved Shape with metal handle

Malby shop presents the curved shaped dosa tawa made of iron . The tawa is attached with a wooden handle to manage heat .


Curved Shaped, Made of Iron , Distributes heat uniformly and so best for healthy cooking


Iron cookware are healthy as they distribiute heat eventually,and so they are very much essential for the modern kitchen.Iron cookware were used in the old ages as the food cooking in it will contain a small tint of iron also, which will be essential for
our body buildup and immunity. 
Compared to Aluminium cookwares iron cookware is easy to handle, as aluminium heats and cools very quickly. 
And so the heat transmission is not unique over the surface while using Aluminium.
But iron is a solution for this which distributes heat unique and the food is well cooked with uniform temperature. This will improve the taste.

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