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Malby Shop exhibits the Star Anise, great quality flavor sourced from ranches in Kerala and Karnataka. Its generally known as Thakkolam in southern pieces of India. The zest is star-formed, huge in size with extraordinary smell and flavor. It is an absolute necessity have element for garam masala, masala chai and assortments of Biryanis The well established zest, Star Anise is usually utilized in all the hot Indian dishes and is much good to invigorate the human insusceptible framework. Aside from the being a decent element for dishes, Star Anise has a progression of medical advantages.


1. Star Anise is wealthy in Antioxidant and Vitamin A and C.

2. This forestalls diabetes and goes about as an operator to anticipate early maturing of the skin.

3. In Ayurveda, The oil removed from Star Anise can be utilized to treat a hack and influenza.

4. Likewise, Star Anise improves processing, mitigate spasms and diminish sickness.

5. Thakkolam is required to be put away in a cool and dry spot to keep it crisp and delicious.



Star Anise is an ordinarily utilized Asian zest, a sweet and fiery extra for the vast majority of the Indian Curry Masalas. This is a star-molded zest with a dim and alluring shading. The flavor is from an evergreen tree local to China and North Vietnam. Also, is having dull cases with 6-8 sections each containing a seed. Star Anise/Thakkolam can be utilized to get zesty taste to the tea and the seeds are extremely useful for the absorption issues.



1. Thakkolam Provides Antioxidants.

2. Against Lingual and Anti BacterialCapabilities : The oil extricated from the star anise is utilized as a body rub oil for sensitivities or any parasitic diseases.

3. Mitigates spasms and diminish Nausea.

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