About Us

Pan Marine express Shoppy Pvt Ltd  forayed into the food processing industry by marketing high quality Biryani rice since 2015 under the brand name malbrys. the widespread acceptance for this unique brand has prompted us to come out with the idea of an online food store. Through this innovative venture we plane to showcase high quality food brands under one platform and make it available in to the local markets and households across India.

Malbrys will be showcasing plenty of unique products to choose from in the initial phase and expand our platform to cover the entire distributors and retailers across the state in this context, we solicit your wholehearted cooperation and support to make this venture a grand success.

Where Quality Meets aesthetics

The capital city’s own e-commerce site https://www.malbyshop.com/ is unparalleled when it comes to what it offers and the clientele it caters to. Price is a secondary factor while quality and ingenuity are their prime concern.

‘We intend to play the role of a mediator in collecting goods from the manufacturer and delivering it to the consumer,’ says Anil Mohammed Basheer, one of the founders and directors of malbyshop. The statement underlines the catchword “Buy, store and deliver on your behalf” on the opening page of the online store.

Mr. Anil along with Mujeeb Shamsudeen, a long time friend and an entrepreneur himself had started the marketing of food products such as biriyani rice and apparels under the brand name Malbrys in 2015. The success prompted them to spread out their wings to online food store initially. Later, joined by a third likeminded individual, Sabu Vasudev, they shaped their ideas into an e-commerce site of indigenous and exclusive items covering a range of products. 

This online store has many firsts to its credit. It sells products quite unique as well as most trivial. The only common feature among the range of products is its aesthetic value and quality excellence.

‘From barter system in the initial days of business to the present day e-commerce, the one common feature has been providing the user, a product of his choice. We believe that it is the need of the user to be given prime importance. Our choice of goods is based upon this fundamental thought along with a keenness to walk back to nature, says Sabu Vasudev, co-founder of malbyshop..

Browsing through the malbyshop e-commerce website, one can find many exclusive products, one of them, a bamboo made bottle holder which catches instant attention with its unique design and artistic marvel. This custom made product comes from the craftsmen at Nedumangad. There are more such products which include wooden spatulas, spoons out of coconut shells, bamboo made puttu maker and biriyani maker, cast iron utensils etc...

The site does not throw on you anything and everything. Each product stands out with its quality, exclusiveness, aesthetics or mere daily use. The dried food items are specifically chosen either from quality assured importers or from local surroundings, according to Mr. Anil. However, they are tried and tested before putting them up on the site for marketing.