Bamboo Puttu Kutti - Puttu Maker

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Traditional Kerala Style Bamboo Steam Rice cake or Puttu Maker.

Malby Shop displays the customarily made Bamboo Puttu Maker with coir covering

The parts of Bamboo Puttu

 1. A wooden bamboo tube with a plug toward the end

 2.The bamboo tube is secured with coir to oversee simple with hand.

3.A bamboo stay with a rectangular handle

4.A coconut shell with little openings at the middle to deal with the steam dissemination inside the cylinder

5.A coconut shell covering on the top

The puttu maker can put over the heater and steaming empowers the nourishment materials to keep up their shading ,taste, season and nutritious qualities in the best strategy.


The empty void in the stalks of greater bamboo is consistently used to get ready sustenance in various Asian social orders. Soups are percolated and rice is cooked in the hollows of fresh stalks of bamboo direct over a flame. Also, steamed tea is once in a while crushed into bamboo hollows to make compacted sorts of Pu-erh tea. Getting ready sustenance in bamboo is said to give the sustenance a subtle yet specific taste.

Also, bamboo is regularly used for cooking utensils inside various social orders, and is used in the collecting of chopsticks. In current events, some watch bamboo instruments as an ecofriendly alternative as opposed to other created utensils.

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