Mustard Seeds- Kaduku/Sarson-250g

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Mustard Seeds - Important spice in many regional foods in India

Malbyshop presents the organic Mustard seeds ,small round seeds of various mustard plants. these seeds are being used since earlier times.

3 different types of mustard are in use such as Black Mustard, Brown Indian Mustard,White/Yellow Mustard

Features:Mustard seeds are rich in minerals,vitamins,anti-oxidants and nutrients

Are excellent source of essential B-Complex Vitamins.

They contain some small amounts of vitamin anti oxidants such as vitamin A,C and K

Calcium,Manganese,selenium,zinc ,iron ,copper 

Information:Mustard are winter crops and widely cultivated in Asia .In recent days they are widely cultivated in Canada,China and European Region.Oils taken from Mustard also are commonly used for cooking purposes

Used to reveal Muscle pain,rheumatism and arthritic pain.

malbyshop present  premium quality Mustard Seeds- Kaduku or Indian mustard/black mustard

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