Malbrys Cashew nuts 240 grade

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Malby shops online presents Malbrys Cashew nuts 240 grade


Cashews are grouped into evaluations of different sizes and shading. W connotes White Wholes and SW, Scorched Wholes (somewhat yellow). Wholes connote one full solid portion. Mainstream broken evaluations are-WS(kernel part down the middle)- LWP(kernel broken into 4 pieces)- SWP(kernel broken into 6 pieces)- BB(very little pieces)- The greatest in size and the rarest (Super Jumbo) is W150-meaning one pound by weight of cashews will have 150 number of cashew nuts.W180 size will be littler than W150 and one pound will have 180 cashew kernels.The higher the number, the littler the size.White shading and bigger sizes, entire or broken, pull in a premium price.W320 is the standard grade of cashew-VLC PACKS GRADE SPECIFIC CASHEWS-W150-White Wholes 150 (Super Jumbo),W180-White Wholes 180 (Jumbo),W210-White Wholes 210 (Premium Large),W240-White Wholes 240 (Large),W320-White Wholes 320 (Standard),WS-White Splits, LWP-Large White Pieces, SWP-Small White Pieces, BB-Baby Bits, Roasted assortments are accessible in 240 and 320 sizes.


In a 100-gram serving, crude cashews give 553 Calories, 67% of the Daily Value (DV) in all out fats, 36% DV of protein, 13% DV of dietary fiber and 11% DV of sugars (table). Cashews are rich sources (> 19% DV) of dietary minerals, including especially copper, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium (79-110% DV), and of thiamin, nutrient B6 and nutrient K (32-37% DV) (table). Iron, potassium, zinc, and selenium are available in huge substance (14-61% DV) (table).[19] Cashews (100 grams, crude) contain 113 milligrams (1.74 gr) of beta-sitosterol.

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