Dried raw banana/Nentran kaya unakkiyathu

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Dried Raw Banana- Nutritious for Toddlers and Kids

Malby shop presents the organic raw banana, cut in round shaped, dried and packed based on the food safety standards.


Collected Unripe bananas, cut the peel off and dried well.

They are sun-dried for 2-3 days until get crispy

You can make a banana powder using these raw dried bananas.

Keep the powder in an airtight box to use subsequent days

Its a nutritious food for babies, in the form of porridge as raw banana, is a rich source of fibre.

It avoids constipation, helpful for the strength of heart


India is well-known for the diversity of food items from a traditional lifestyle. In the old ages, people used to feed the babies with nutritious foods like porridge made of ragi, raw banana powder, moong dal, rice etc... Row bananas are rich in fibre, potassium and so is good for weight gain for babies and also it improves the metabolism.For the elders also, the raw banana powder is good to use as it is rich in resistant starch and hence good to keep in control the cholesterol levels. It's also a good breakfast for diabetics as the sugar content is very low. 

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