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1. Malbyshop presents Cardamom of its unrivaled quality from the spot of flavors Idukki, Kerala.

2. Cardamom is known as the Queen of flavors.

3. It has an inebriating, complex flavors' taste.

4. Capacity Instructions: Store in a cool and dry spot to hold the taste and freshness.

5. It is all the more normally known as elakka/elaichi in certain pieces of India.


Cardamom/Elakka is a zest from the group of gingers. The flavor is produced using the seed units of plant, each case can contain a few seeds. We can utilize the entire unit or as certain seeds according to the need.There are 2 various types of Cardamom, for example, Black Cardamom and Green Cardamom.Commonly cardamom/elakka is utilized to add flavor to sustenance and drink. The stylish smell and kind of the flavor makes it a taste creator for Curry Masala, Biryani and notwithstanding for Desserts.

Cardamom/Elaichi a standout amongst the most costly zest on the planet is especially known for its exceptional taste, scent and flavors. It has a consolidated kind of camphor, pepper, allspice, clove and eucalyptus. Cardamom/Elakka is Kerala's very own flavor begun in the Western Ghats of Southern India. The old Sanskrit messages in India portrays the utilizations and fortes of Cardamom.

Ayurveda advantages of - Cardamom/Elakka/Elaichi

1. Takes care of the stomach related issues and Controls the Intestinal Gas.

2. Fantastic in Balancing the bodily fluid in the stomach and lungs

3. Biting the Cardamom Seeds will revive your introduction to the world

4. Cardamom Tea will flush out the poisons in the stomach

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