Brass Achappam mold

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Brass Achappam Mold

Malby Shop exhibits the Achappam Mold produced using excellent Brass. It is Golden in Colour,easy to handle,with relaxed edges. Very solid and safe.

Rosette treats, energetically named as Achappam by the Keralites of India are thin, singed treat hitter by and large put aside a couple of minutes in Kerala. They are made using capriciously organized irons/metal. Known by the name 'Struva' in Sweden, 'Rosettes' in U.S and 'Buñuelos' in Mexico, these crisp crunchy treats are said to be of Scandinavian (Swedish and Norwegian) origin. Achappam is a real indulgence paying little personality to its start and two or three slight alterations in the equation over the world.

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