Bamboo Dum biryani Maker

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Bamboo Dum biryani Maker


Bamboo Biriyani Maker is one of a for the most part used cookware made of bamboo and used to get ready pre cooked rice with the use of steam. It will in general be kept over the evaporator (steamer, cooker) with the objective that the sustenance gets cooked from the hot steam. Steaming engages sustenance materials to keep their trademark enhance, shading, shape, and nutritious regard better than gurgling and stewing. You can put this Biryani Maker on the gush of a Pressure Cooker with enough water. Use the bamboo stick to push the cooked puttu from the steamer.

Ordinary adjusted structure of bamboo with one shut end and increasingly broad mouth healps to fills the pre cooked rice and vegetable mix or per cooked rice and non vegin layers prepaire in steam. this is painstakingly collected bamboo things. The bamboo steamer is cleaned, and are set up for use. Essentially wash and start using.

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